When I communicate with animals, I use the following process:

I obtain a photo of the animal in question. (At this time I prefer to speak with one animal at a time per session). I ask you to provide the name and age of the animal along with the photo.  You can provide me with a list of questions you have. I will ask your questions and I will ask the animal what it wants to communicate. 

I begin my remote session by connecting with the animals through Reiki.  I offer (and give them free choice to accept or reject) Reiki as a gift of love and healing.  If they accept the Reiki, I eventually move on to asking to connect with them for mutual communication. I not only want to get your questions answered, I want to give the animal plenty of opportunity to express his or her needs, desires, and wants.   I spend as much time as the animal needs giving them Reiki and communicating with them. This usually takes 20-30 minutes but can take more time depending on the circumstances.

I record notes of whatever the animal shares.  

I let you know that I have completed my communication session with your animal, and we set up a time to discuss the information that was exchanged.  Length of session varies depending on how long it takes to connect with the animal and how much information is exchanged.  The fee includes:

  • Distant Reiki Session for your animal
  • Communication with your animal
  • A phone call or email debriefing the information exchanged with the animal.

​Once I have completed the initial session with the animal, I will advise you which fee is appropriate based on the amount of time I have already spent with the animal. Payment is required before the debrief session.  

If I cannot connect with your animal, there is no charge for my services.

Speaking with our own animals can be difficult because it is hard to set our relationships and emotions aside to create a space of pure neutrality where we can clearly give and receive messages. It is important but difficult to set aside expectations because we want our animals to know we love them, and we may sometimes want a particular outcome that may not be congruent with what is meant to be. We must be fully neutral and allow Spirit in.

Animals communicate with us all of the time.  When we connect with nature and ourselves on a more authentic and natural basis, we find that communicating with animals is not difficult.  When we use exercises like mindful breathing, body scans and body awareness, we tap into our intuition. This is where we connect with Spirit Wisdom, and can learn to communicate with our fellow species. See Connecting To Animals for these exercises.

Animal Communication Services

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